Sensors to Health Management System - Every Second

Prognostic information on health conditions

Doctors Proactively Monitor more Patients for their Health Conditions

Timely interventions based on continuous data to improve the Quality of care

Hospitals Can Rapidly Reduce Total Healthcare Costs

Optimize Doctors time, so that they can see more patients

People are living longer, but not healthier


Accessibility and affordability for Quality healthcare is low


There are more expectations for personalized healthcare


Infrastructure to provide holistic healthcare at convenience of home is non-existent

Welcome to the Future of Personalized Healthcare

Improving the Quality of Life with better-connected doctors and patients.

People are ready to participate and take ownership of their health with the help of a doctor. Big question is if it can be done continuously, cost effectively and conveniently. Good healthcare needs more than an intent and an appointment with the doctor. It needs continuous monitoring and a personalized approach. One size fits all is not for the healthcare. Our powerful IoT based solution – Vitacuro, just does that.

VitaCuro enables you to participate more actively in managing the health with the help of qualified doctors/nurses. With the connected wearable devices or by manually entered data, the health parameters are continuously tracked and the actionable alerts are generated by VitaCuro, to physicians / caregivers and you.

VitaCuro Features that Improve the Quality of Life

Wearable sensors support for continuous health monitoring


Tracking and monitoring of health parameters for alerts

Supplement patient treatment through remote monitoring and communication

Care coordination with hospitals, pharmacies, home care, dietitians and family

Health analytics (Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive) for better management of health

Secured EMR for better health care during critical times


Non-wearables support for health monitoring


Medication alerts at all times

VitaCuro Benefits and Use Cases

Personalized health for prevention of chronic diseases

VitaCuro lets you monitor your and your loved ones’ health to ensure prevention of any chronic diseases. It connects with your primary care physician (family doctor) any time to get the help that you need anywhere.

Chronic care management

The lifestyle diseases are on rise and chronic diseases need continuous monitoring. VitaCuro helps in continuous monitoring and tracking and enables holistic healthcare delivered for better chronic care management.

Home Healthcare

VitaCuro helps you with personalized care at home, reduces hospitalization duration and allows recovery at home. The care coordination module connects you with doctors, caregivers, nurses, pharmacies and your family for a faster recovery.

Geriatric Care

VitaCuro is developed to improve the quality of life and help elders to plan and coordinate their long-term care needs and also take control of their health with the help of physicians and caregivers.

Digitization of Healthcare Delivery for Hospitals

VitaCuro helps doctors/hospitals to connect better with the patients. VitaCuro ensures that healthcare is delivered to more people, enables wider reach of awareness campaigns and real-time medical data with audio/video call or chat/mail.

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