The medical domain has gone through major transformation, thanks to the unrelenting focus of doctors and hospitals. The life expectancy of people has improved across the globe, due to the progress made in the medical sciences.

Despite the progress made by the medical profession, the healthcare delivery is still not meeting the expectations of people across the world.

Various conversations with doctors, hospitals and people indicate different perspectives of the problem. Here are the top 5 points:

  1. Access to quality care is low and the lifestyle chronic diseases are on rise.
  2. Affordability of healthcare is a major issue.
  3. Prevention is better than cure is a good motto, but how can one detect early and ensure adherence prescribed by Doctors/Hospitals so that prevention is possible. The participation from individuals and their families in betterment of their health is less as they are not equipped. So, the onus on medical professionals is higher for the treatment.
  4. Effectiveness of delivery of healthcare is higher if there exists a trust between doctor/hospital and the individual/families. In present times especially with everyone’s busy schedules and absence of a platform for continuous engagement building, a lasting trust and relation is a challenge.
  5. If all the family basic needs like food, clothing is delivered to at our doorstep, why can’t the family health needs be delivered at the convenience of home. Are expectations high at this point of time?

Does that mean it is time for healthcare delivery to be digitized, as the digitization has helped other industries to go beyond the expectations of consumers and continually improve to stay ahead of the changing consumer needs.

Sanohub has built VitaCuro, digital healthcare platform for the futuristic healthcare delivery. This provides continuous monitoring and coordination with Doctors, Hospitals, Care Givers, Pharmacies and Family to help you to be healthy in the convenience of your home. We believe managing health is not a DIY(Do-It-Yourself) project. It needs coordination amongst many players in healthcare ecosystem and the VitaCuro platform does that coordination for you especially when you need it most.