Author: Sridhar Perepa

Continuity of Care – Post Discharge

Hospitalisation is not welcomed by anyone, but with the perils of modern life, it has become inevitable. Hospitals who have a focus on delivering quality care have made significant investments and improved the infrastructure inside the hospital. The admission process to care delivery and multi-disciplinary review by doctors to ensure patients are treated best and effectively is ensured thru various systems that are inside the hospital. But unfortunately, the treatment to be effective post-discharge care is very essential, and that is where today’s health systems are falling. As Hospitals and Doctors move from case to case, despite their best...

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Future of Healthcare Delivery in the Digital Era

The medical domain has gone through major transformation, thanks to the unrelenting focus of doctors and hospitals. The life expectancy of people has improved across the globe, due to the progress made in the medical sciences. Despite the progress made by the medical profession, the healthcare delivery is still not meeting the expectations of people across the world. Various conversations with doctors, hospitals and people indicate different perspectives of the problem. Here are the top 5 points: Access to quality care is low and the lifestyle chronic diseases are on rise. Affordability of healthcare is a major issue. Prevention...

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