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Vitacuro – IoT for Healthcare

Connected lifestyle demands real time solutions. Combining physical and digital domain would expand the reach of information technology, and IoT is the buzzword that makes this dream a reality. The IoT presents a multitude of opportunities to monitor & control and influence outcomes for improving quality of life.

VitaCuro is a full-scale platform supporting many devices and protocols and with advanced database allowing highly scalable and integrated analytics. VitaCuro can be easily deployed across multiple End use applications.

Vitacuro – Benefits

Comprehensive Security

Intelligent Analytics


Open & Flexible Architecture


Cost Effective & Convenience

Continuous Health Monitoring


Acquisition of Medical Parameter Data

  • Wearable sensors for convenience
  • Less number of sensors for more parameters
  • Provision for individual to keep adding sensors to build need based solution

Association of Data

  • Biometric or picture authentication for data association for individual
  • Dosage / behavioral overlay on parametric data for dosage / behavior change effectiveness study
  • Data security through encryption and sharing based on authentication

Analysis of Data

  • Contextualization, correlation of parametric data for analysis
  • Prognostic health analysis based on multi-sensor parameters
  • Behavioral / dose change impact analysis

Action based on Data

  • Alert for individual & care provider and care giver
  • Interaction with individual for better contextualization of data
  • Trigger and allow virtual interactions between doctor & individual
  • Notifications to dear ones based on severity according to choices of individuals

Benefits for Patients

  • Information to near/dear ones
  • Following holistic health goals in partnership with trusted provider
  • On demand information/intervention from the health care providers
  • Virtual interactions with Doctors at convenience
  • Convenient at home recovery, thus the fear of hospital reduced and convenience to family members thus increase in support system
  • Behavioral changes based on the awareness of disease and monitoring the impact of the same in managing the chronic diseases
  • Immunization reminders, other lab test reminders
  • Collation of Lab results, so that the EMR can be maintained and updated for the individual

Benefits for Doctors

  • Virtual interaction with patients and thus effective use of time and increase in productivity
  • The interaction with patient is more meaningful, as the data is already structured and the history of patient is available all the time for the interaction without asking. The Voice box facility would help to listen to patients whenever they feel like talking and remember mentioning something to doctor.
  • Contextualization of parametric data for better understanding of abnormalities/aberrations in the data if any.
  • Ability to share best practices amongst group of patients.
  • Case history creation for medical research reports and journals with abundant data availability

Benefits for Hospitals

  • Ability to create second level support to experts/renowned doctors as the data is available on continuous basis with contextualization
  • Create lasting relationship with patients by enhancing the quality of care thru doctors/nurses’ interactions (virtual and real)
  • Reduce the possibility of reoccur for certain diseases post-surgery/treatment (ex. Congestive heart diseases)
  • Ability to predict population health and well-being of the patients, by grouping of data of multiple patients
  • Compare treatment effectiveness with other hospitals/care givers (if published) or understand which chronic conditions they are treating better and where they need to get on board better doctor/expert

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