Human interaction is needed as part of healthcare and is more required while treating chronic ailments which require continuous monitoring and precision medical treatment. People in need will interact with caregivers (doctors, nurses, personal assistants) and family. Amongst all, Patient Doctor relationship is critical for healthcare quality and improving treatment of chronic conditions.

Earlier times, a family physician is to provide care, who has the knowledge about the family under care and was able to have personal connect with the patient, and hence there is inherent trust in the Patient Doctor relationship. With rapid urbanization and changes in healthcare delivery, the interaction between doctor and patient has become transactional in nature. How do we bring back that personal connect and trust between doctor and patient and thereby improve the treatment effectiveness ?

Trust is mutual and requires proactive action both from doctor and patient. How can we enable this in the new realm of healthcare delivery? Keeping track of various notes about patient over a period of time goes a long way for doctor towards building the knowledge of patient and that knowledge can be effectively used while treating the patient. In the digital healthcare delivery platforms, the notes and records can be captured and doctors would have access to these internal notes and patient history always while interacting with the patient, thus the treatment effectiveness can be improved.

Patients need to adhere to doctor’s advice so that the treatment is more effective. Often the patients tend to forget or not completely follow the prescribed medication, thus impacting the treatment effectiveness and the trust between doctor and patient. Can there be a way to ensure the medication is followed and create a personalized reminder from the doctor for medication reminders, thus a bond is built between doctor and patient and improves the prescription adherence?

VitaCuro addresses this most important behavioral aspect of patient and doctor with emphasis on doctor’s notes, patient care instructions, patient diary, medication alerts, intelligent synthesis of medical records in a seamless manner. VitaCuro helps in not loosing any ground while delivering the healthcare and helps build trust between doctor and patient and improve treatment effectiveness for chronic ailments.